Qeexo AutoML 1.9.1 Release

We have some exciting news!

First, we have added support of the RA6M3 ML Sensor Module from Renesas on Qeexo AutoML. With a compact form factor and a full range of sensors, the RA Ready Sensor Module with BLE is an extremely flexible reference platform for IoT applications such as medical wearables, fall detection, and predictive maintenance for motor control.

Next, we have added DFU mode support for the ST SensorTile.box, which means that the ST-LINK/v2 programmer and adapter are no longer required for flashing the SensorTile.box.

Last but not least, we have refreshed the look-and-feel of our website, and streamlined the registration process for Qeexo AutoML. We even added this forum for discussions and would love to hear from you!

You can find the full release notes for Qeexo AutoML 1.9.1 here.

And this press release is hot off the press!

To try our exciting new features, download the latest Qeexo AutoML installer and upgrade your Chrome extension, or visit here to sign up for a free account.

By the way, Qeexo is a proud sponsor of the tinyML Talk series. Come join our community and check out the awesome presentations, demos, and innovative technologies around tinyML.

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