Qeexo AutoML diagnostic utility for macOS

Hello Qeexo AutoML community,

If you are using macOS and experiencing problems installing or using Qeexo AutoML, we have a diagnostic utility that can help! Simply follow these steps and email the diagnostic report so that our team can analyze the problem:

Step 1. Download and run the diagnostic utilty

Visit this link to download the diagnostic utility.

Once this zip file is saved on your mac, double click it to uncompressed. Then double-click Qeexo AutoML Diagnostics to launch the utility


Step 2. Create the diagnostic report

Once the utility is launched, click the “Create Report” option so that the utility can start gathering relevant information to create a report. This may take 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 3. [Optional] Review the generated report

If desired, click “Show Report in Finder” to review the content of the generated report; otherwise, move onto next step.

Step 4. Email the report to Qeexo

After clicking “Email Report to Qeexo Support” option, your mac Mail app will be launched and a draft email (with the report as attachment) will be created:

Feel free to hit send, or use other email applications to send us the report at no-reply-diagnostics@qeexo.com

We will get back to you regarding what we have found from the diagnostic report!